Communications in Meriwether County


Bell South provides communications in the central and northern sections of Meriwether County. Luthersville and Gay are part of the Atlanta toll-free dialing network serviced by Bell South. Alltel services the southern section of the county. Alltel offers extended service to the southern part of the county giving customers access to Upson County.

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For further information, please contact:

Alltel Georgia, Inc. (706) 846-8186
Bell South 780-2355


Cellular service is available in Meriwether County. Service is available through BellSouth Mobility, Public Service Cellular, and Cellular One.

For more information call:

Bell South Mobility (404) 635 – 5703
Public Service Cellular (800) 342 -7622
Cellular One (770) 214 -1111
Verizon Wireless (800) 256- 4646