Healthcare in Meriwether County

As the county and region grows and health care needs increase, they are being anticipated and met by Warm Springs Medical Center with state-of-the art technology, professional staff and strategic affiliations with specialty care providers.

With a new emergency department, this hospital is entering the 21st century ensuring modern health care to the community. In the endoscopy lab, diagnostic procedures are performed using computerized video and photographic equipment equal to that in any large city facility. In the operating suites, procedures such as gallbladder removal and hernia repair are short and easy, using sophisticated laparoscopic equipment. The modern radiology diagnostic center houses a new 4th Generation Spiral CAT scanner.

A comprehensive Women and Children’s Health Program includes mammography, menopausal care, prenatal care, and infant delivery in new LDRP obstetric suites. A board certified Pediatrician’s clinic is on the hospital campus. In joint community projects, a perinatal transport van and a public school nurse program are provided.

Warm Springs Medical Center
5995 Spring Street
Warm Springs, Georgia 31830
(706) 655-3331

The most comprehensive rehabilitation facility in the United States, The Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, is located in historic Warm Springs. The Institute yearly serves more than 3,000 people through inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, and vocational and independent living services. The descendent of FDR’s polio foundation and the birthplace of the March of Dimes, the Institute is internationally known and offers a unique opportunity for the physically and mentally handicapped to seek their personal goals and victories.

The Institute’s center for therapeutic recreation is a fully accessible recreational complex designed for people with all types of disabilities. It includes a 400-meter indoor track, twelve-acre lake, 25-meter pool, NCAA basketball court, bowling alleys, fitness rooms, and an archery range and racquetball courts. Camp Dream, a spiritual, recreational and therapeutic paradise located on the grounds would make Roosevelt proud.

President Roosevelt’s love of horses did not diminish after he was stricken with Polio and as soon as he could sit in the saddle again he was lifted onto his horse to enjoy rides around his Little White House. This tradition lives on in Warm Springs today. Located on the 303 acre Bar Rest Ranch you will find the Good Shepherd Therapeutic Center which happens to be adjacent to the Roosevelt Institute and FDR State Park. The center’s catalyst has been Therapeutic Horseback Riding. In Hippotherapy, the modality is used as a purely medical procedure. This technique increases tolerance for the pain of normal physical therapy. As a motivating tool in education it encourages participation in learning by the mentally disabled or children with behavior problems. For those individuals unable to participate in other sports, it is a challenging recreational activity. The movement of Hippotherapy is particularly beneficial to students in wheelchairs who have no natural mode of locomotion. The Center also offers a Job Training Program for adult mentally and/or physically disabled, an Animal Assisted Therapy Program, and a Wildlife Education/ and Rehabilitation Program. The Center served over 2000 clients with Hippotherapy in the past year and over 7000 senior citizens participated in Nursing Home Animal Assisted Therapy. Also located on the premises is a residential shelter for children from birth to 17 providing long term, emergency placement and needs assessment services for at-risk children. “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person.”

Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
P. O. Box 1000 Warm Springs, GA 31830
Phone: (706) 655-5000
Fax: (706) 655-5011
TTY: (706) 655-5176

Senior Care

An important part of any community’s comprehensive healthcare services is caring for the needs of senior citizens. The Warm Springs Medical Center Nursing Home, located adjacent to Warm Springs Medical Center is a 79-bed facility staffed with specially trained geriatric nurses.

The Unihealth Post Acute Care of Greenville 113-bed nursing home in Greenville, provides round the clock nursing care and extensive rehabilitation services.

The Roosevelt Place is the newest senior care facility in Meriwether County. Located in beautiful Warm Springs, this 30 bed assisted living facility features a specialized Alzheimer’s wing. Roosevelt Place offers seniors an environment which provides freedom, security, and opportunities for individual development.

The Luthersville Neighborhood Service Center offers a congregational meal program with crafts and community service projects for seniors.

Luthersville Neighborhood Service Center
104 Wortham Road, Luthersville, GA 30251

The Manchester Senior Service Center offers a congregational meal program with craft and community service projects for seniors.

County Health Program

The Meriwether County Health Department employs six full time nurses to ensure that every family member has the prenatal care, immunizations and nutrition information necessary for healthy and productive lives. They are particularly proud of their Immunization Program. In addition to programs targeted at Child Health, Adult Health and Women’s Health, the County Health Department also provides Environmental Health Programs. The environmentalists of Meriwether County can be seen throughout the county working to promote the health of citizens by permitting and inspecting septic tanks, local restaurants and motels and collecting water samples. Environmentalists answer environmental complaints, direct the county rabies program, consult with other environmental agencies and promote child safety through car seat and bicycle helmet programs

Home Health Care

United Home Care offers a full range of services in the home or assisted living facility.  Services include skilled nursing; physical therapy; speech therapy; occupational therapy; medical social work and IV therapy.  Contact Sally Turner 706-655-2094 or email:

Amedisys Home Health Care works closely with physicians to coordinate all aspects of patient care in the home including behavioral health; pain management; rehabilitation therapy; wound care; and diabetes.  For more information contact, Leslie Partain 706-648-1148 or email: